Her Back Against The Wall

She swung open the heavy glass door of her basement flat, releasing the soaring guitar sounds out of that shady indoor cave. Artfully bent notes joined with the birdsong, a symphony drifting up into the endless cobalt blue of the sky, spiralling up into the sunshine. The concrete steps that led up to that world of light, were littered with fallen seeds, hopes dashed on this sparkling ascent. She climbed slowly, counting the steps as she always did. Setting herself down on the hard ground, she felt her back against the wall. Lost in reverie, the sun on her upturned face, she breathes deeply as she watches the surreal kinetic sculptures of her white sheets drying in the wind.


Balancing Act

Balancing on that thin tightrope she skirted along the very edge. She liked it there. She wanted to hear her heartbeat thumping in ears and to feel the adrenaline running through the spidery blue veins that were barely hidden under her pale luminous skin. She knew that he would always make sure the safety net was there. He was a rock, tethered to the earth, he stood calm and steady as he watched her, ready to catch her if she lost her footing. His spirit had adventures as he lived vicariously through her exploits. He could taste the thrill on her blood infused lips, he felt it as he held her trembling body close to his.

Scratching The Surface

All those questions and still it had only scratched the surface. The incessant polishing of the facts had caused tarnishing to appear, the shiny gold of the past now dull, green and brassy under her acid tongue. Tired of digging, she picked up the remote control and pointed it at the stereo. Instantly the music filled up the tense space in the room, replacing it with loud tribal beats that she could feel like a heartbeat reverberating through her chair. He nodded and smiled as the soaring vocal proclaimed 'just let it all go'. She got to her feet, closed her eyes and with her arms in the air she began to dance.