Hidden Buttons and Careless Remarks

The careless remark was tossed flippantly into the still night air, where all at once it became a missile, pointed and powerful and heading straight for her. It hit its target with deadly accuracy, pressing those hidden buttons she had kept so carefully hidden. She felt the internal elevator doors slide silently open and she stumbled backwards, unbalanced by the force of her response, her gut feelings twisted and raging. Holding the big weight that a moment ago she had not felt, she saw the gaping black hole and in an instant she was plummeting down the deep shaft to where the dark things were waiting.


be not blind said...

I really enjoy your writing! Especially your style and beautifully descriptive choice of words.

Singer said...

thanks very much, it is nice to know someone is reading ;) i appreciate your comment.

Anonymous said...

I have felt like this. I often find that careless remarks are much more hurtful than deliberate ones. At least someone has put some thought into a deliberate one. A very astute observation.

Kenia Cris said...

Hello dear!
I'm here to thank you for linking Crooked Little Girl to your blog, and for coming to visit me and leaving such sweet comment. I've just added you to my blog roll, too, and I'll be around whenever you have a new post.

Take care and keep smiling.
Kiss your cheeks.

Singer said...

Selma and Kenia
thanks for your comments ;)